Taylor Momsen as Gemara.

Despite growing up as a rich, straight-A student from a perfect family, Gemara became one of those wild party girls that you see on television. When she was fourteen, she met and fell in love with Channing Blake. Two years into their relationship, he turned cold and harsh, throwing their perfect relationship into fight-ridden turmoil. Their five-year relationship came to an end when Gemara was seventeen, and Channing turned her into a vampire after he raped her. Unforgiving of what he did, Gemara killed him soon after she discovered what she was.

She tells everyone to call her “Gem” because it is the nickname that Channing gave her the day that they met. Gemara has advanced combat skills and has the ability to freeze people with her eyes, though she does not often use it because she prefers to prove her fighting abilities without the help of her power. After accepting her new fate as a vampire, she turned her family and relocated them to the Heart City.


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